We work with some of the largest providers of non-medical life insurance coverage in Canada to provide you with up to $500,000 in life insurance coverage within 48 hours without any medical questions or exams.

pic2Most Canadians are not prepared to address the cost of their own funeral, a funeral can cost $15,000 or more on average. Many people find the idea of planning ahead for your own funeral uncomfortable but it is your family and your estate that will be left with the bill if you don’t. Funeral Insurance is a safe, reliable, and affordable means to plan ahead for your funeral needs, and gives you the tools you need to cover the costs.

This is a guaranteed tool to plan ahead for funeral cost.It is an easier way to help you pre-plan for your final expenses so your family doesn’t have to. Whether your needs are modest or not, this life insurance is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to guarantee protection where it’s needed.

This plan is offered directly to you, there is absolutely no medical exam or health questions. We pride ourselves in qualifying anyone, regardless of their health or financial situation, with affordable and dependable insurance solutions.

Even if you’ve been declined or rated on life insurance in the past, we can get you coverage and that’s our promise.

The Final Expense plan is paid tax-free, directly to whomever you choose. That way, you can ensure that every dollar of what you set aside is going where it can help the most. Final bills, funeral expenses, and other costs that arise following a death can be covered on your family’s behalf, leaving them with no question that your affairs are taken care of.

Our plan is for anyone, young or old who has had difficulty qualifying for life insurance coverage due to poor health, Age, occupation and habits, or healthy but simply doesn’t want to go through the invasive medical exams and questions.

Your coverage will make funds available to cover your final expenses and to leave a legacy for your family instios of debt

Typical Expenses Include

  • Transporting of remains
  • Embalming/Cremation
  • Preparation of the body
  • Facility fees for viewing and the Ceremony
  • Hearse
  • Memorial Materials and Register books
  • Metal Casket, Urn, or Vault

Additional Costs Include

  • Cemetery Plot
  • Opening and closing of the grave
  • Crypts or Mausoleums
  • Monuments or Marker etc.