FEI is a Canadian company, we opened our doors in August of 2006 and have since then been serving Canadians all across the entire country. We have a network of trained financial advisors across Canada who work tirelessly to get you the coverage you deserve.

pic1We work with some of the largest and most reputable Non-Medical life insurance providers nationwide, our application process is very straight forward and can be completed over the phone, online, by mail or by our agents who visit you in-person.

Our claims process is swift, once we receive notification of the unfortunate demise of the insured, our claims department moves very quickly. They will gather all the required paperwork and submit your claim for payment, you don’t have to do a thing. We understand you are grieving so we take care of things so you can focus on your grief.

Our clients are our main priority because we work for them, our highly trained advisors speak less and listen more, will answer all your questions and make appropriate recommendation.

We don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics – matter of fact it is frowned upon and can result in dismissal should a client experience such and bring it to the attention of our Management team. We are different, we are compassionate and most importantly we do care.

FEI is built on trust and compassion, Canadians trust us and that explains why in the past 11 years we have helped more than 61,000 Canadians get the coverage they need. When dealing with us consider yourself to be in good hands. We will take care of you- that’s our promise.